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Stress Resiliency

While traffic jams and reckless drivers are annoying to everyone, some people can shrug off these situations while others will experience "road rage".  Stress-resilient people can often handle even overwhelming problems without developing a stress response reaction.  Those with low stress resiliency react strongly to even minor problems.  We now know that certain factors contribute to stress resiliency, including having a good support system, having positive, inspiring beliefs, developing certain cognitive abilities, and learning to induce the "relaxation response", the body's antidote to stress.

At IPG our therapists will help you become "stress-resilient".  You will not only learn meditation/relaxation techniques, you will develop other aspects of life that contribute to the ability to withstand stress. You will learn to handle difficult situations with some equanimity and maintain peace of mind even during unsettling times.

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Meditation & Relaxation Therapists NJ & NYC


“Mindfulness” is the new buzzword in the field of psychotherapy and counseling.  At IPG we’ve been teaching meditation and mindfulness for over twenty years.

Meditation and Relaxation Training

Over the past few decades, science has shown a clear link between emotional well-being and physical health. The common link between mind and body problems is stress. The stress response, the body's "fight or flight" reaction to environmental danger, is necessary to survival.  But continued, chronic stress also causes a cycle of mood disturbances - depression, anxiety, irritability -  that are linked to medical conditions ranging from headaches to coronary problems, even diabetes and gastrointestinal conditions.
Research has demonstrated, for example, that anger is a risk factor in heart disease, that anxiety worsens skin conditions and asthma, and that depression is linked to high blood pressure.  In fact, many physicians believe that lowering the stress response is the single most important thing you can do for yourself to prevent disease.
Fortunately, our minds have the potential to control the stress response.  Meditation and other relaxation training block the physiological mechanisms that create stress, and many cognitive behavioral techniques promote stress resiliency.  Our staff is trained in a variety of disciplines that offer a holistic approach to wellness, an approach that combines the emotional and physical.
To find out more about our medication and relaxation training, contact our group psychology practice today to make an appointment in one of our convenient locations in NJ and New York City